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Iran Regime’s Former President : I promise you the change Is on the way


English News
English News

TEHRAN, Iran, February 14, 2018. Today the former president of the Iranian regime, Ahmadinejad who was banned from participating in a court trial of his colleagues, attacked the regime’s judiciary and supreme leader while standing in front of the Tehran criminal court, the following are excerpts of his remarks in brief.

The revolution (anti-monarchic revolution of 1977) was for Justice, the revolution happened since some people were unbelievably rich and many others were dying out of poverty.

The revolution was for freedom of speech, for people to freely pursue their rights, the government was supposed to be the guardian of people’s rights.

Today one of the most important bodies of the state (judiciary) is confronting people if there is any criticism or protest it will be severely suppressed.

A protesting youth is detained, a man who is ashamed of his family because of poverty and is protesting is arrested.

They (regime’s suppressive security forces) arrest and imprison people and deliver the dead body and announce that he was dead because of suicide or drug overdose!

There is no independent state body in this country, everything is one-sided.

When we want to complain about this injustice, we don’t know where to go and to whom? The Supreme Leader says: “I have no responsibility since the administration bodies are independent!” so who is accountable in this country?

We have grievances against the government and judiciary, should we again go to them for our complaints?

It is evident that people should not believe (the regime).

But let me tell you one thing, this will not stay the same forever and I promise you the change Is on the way, you will see that God willing very soon the change happens