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Improvised Iranian rockets used in Ghouta chlorine attacks


English News
English News

Orient Net, Feb. 13, 2018 - Chlorine gas missiles that have targeted Eastern Ghouta on Feb 1 and Jan 22 are improvised Iranian missiles according to a joint report by Billingcat open source investigation website and Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) NGO.
The report findings depended on many testimonies STJ obtained through its network of field reporters and Bellingcat’s analysis of open source material.
According to the report, “the munitions used in the February 1 attack are improvised rocket assisted munitions (IRAMs), based on modified Iranian 107mm rockets. The standard warhead has been replaced with a large pressurized gas cylinder, and tail fins have been added to the rocket.”



The report confirmed, “the munition matches exactly with the design of munition used in the January 22, 2018 chlorine attack in Douma, Damascus, as well as chlorine attacks that took place in Damascus in early 2017. In some cases, rockets from the 2018 attacks share the same lot numbers, indicating they are from the same manufacturing batch. This strongly indicates that the rockets used in the 2018 attacks would have originated from the same source.”

Assad regime targeted besieged Eastern Ghouta in south Syria with chlorine-loaded missiles on Feb 1, 2018, injuring 20 civilians, mostly children, in western Douma city.


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