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Assad regime facilitates route for ISIS to attack Idlib


English News
English News

Orient Net , February, 12, 2018-- ISIS captured rebel-held locations in southern Idlib countryside on Monday after Assad forces facilitated the route for ISIS members to the outskirts of rebel-held areas in north Syria.

Orient News correspondent said that regime militias allowed access of ISIS members through its areas in Hama countryside to infiltrate to multiple rebel-held locations in the al-Khwin, al-Khalakhil and al-Zarzoor villages.

ISIS captured the al-Khalakhil village and locations in the outskirts of al-Zarzour village after hours of clashes against rebel factions who killed and detained several ISIS members.

This was not the first time regime militias allow ISIS access to their areas. ISIS had a deal with Assad regime in Dec. 2017 to lift the siege of ISIS Oqairebat enclave in eastern Hama countryside and attack the rebel-held Al-Rahjan area after passing through the Salamiyah-Athariya highway controlled by Assad militias.


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