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Iran: Protests continue in numerous cities :Videos


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English News

Riyadh, Riyadh Daily, 5  February 2018 -  Despite Iran's security forces being on high alert following the nationwide protests erupting on December 28th, protests are reportedly continuing in cities across the country. The Iranian regime intends to mark the beginning of its 40th year in power after the 1979 revolution, yet these protests are causing quite a stir and disrupting such plans.

Iran is known to filter and impose severe control over its internet, further indicating that despite the Iranian officials' claim of conditions returning to normal, it is anything but. There is a fire simmering beneath and the society is being labeled a powder keg by experts.



video : Burning Khomeini picture



On February 1st locals in Tehran and other cities including Sanandaj, Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Zarrin Shahr, Shahroud, Hamedan, Tuyserkan, Mashhad, Dorud, Arak, Maraghe, Yazd and Rasht were scenes of further such rallies and demonstrations. Protesters were seen chanting "Death to Dictator" and "Death to Khamenei," with reports also indicating scenes of clashes between protesters and Revolutionary Guards units.

In Tehran's Vali Asr Crossroad, a large crowd of protesters were attacked by state police. Videos posted on the internet show demonstrators resisting in the face of such attacks.

In Rasht, northern Iran, hundreds of protesters chanting "Death to Dictators" became the target of state police attacking their peaceful rally. They resorted to firing tear gas to disperse the protesters.

In Sanandaj, western Iran, the city's Enghelab (Revolution), Khomeini and Azadi (Freedom) squares demonstrators stood up to the security forces' attack, setting fire to a police trailer and a motorcycle belonging to the anti-riot guards. Reports also show an IRGC Basij site was set ablaze. Anger runs high amongst Iran's Kurdish community after suffering crackdown and discrimination for decades.


video: Iran, Mashad city Feb 1, 2018



In Tuyserkan, western Iran, people in Bahonar St. reportedly clashed with security forces. Authorities began firing bird-shots. Tension is boiling throughout the city in response to security forces in the January crackdown opening direct fire on protesters, killing and injuring many, according to videos posted on the internet.

In Isfahan, near the city's historic bridge a group of people were chanting "Death to Dictator" and "Death to Khamenei." State security forces also staged an attack to disperse the crowd.

On February 4th intense continue in Tehran as members of the Dervish Gonabadi community sought to prevent security forces from arresting a senior community figure by the name of Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh. They managed to force anti-riot units to flee the scene and subsequently destroyed their abandoned motorcycles.

With some delay, reports of such unrest continue to flow



video: Isfahan Khajoo bridge Feb 1, 2018




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