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Understanding the latest ISIS attack in Iran


English News
English News

Iran Commentary, Jan. 30, 2018 - According to news reports clashes erupted recently between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and a group of men allegedly belonging to the Islamic State, or ISIS. These clashes were reported in western Iran, in the Iran-Iraq border area of Ezgeleh in Kermanshah Province.


Ezgeleh in Kermanshah Province, western Iran 

 Ezgeleh in Kermanshah Province, western Iran

Theses clashes were located around the Imam Hassan Village, also known as the Bamo region, bordering the Iraqi town of Halabja. According to the IRGC, five ISIS members were killed and 16 were arrested.
This deserves a close look at this region on the map and to take into consideration who is actually in control on the Iraqi side of the border.
The Pishmarga forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, previously destroying ISIS forces on their soil, and to the south Hashid al-Shabi (aka the Popular Mobilization Force), known as the Shiite Iraqi Basij, are in control. Long ago, ISIS was in control of areas hundreds of kilometers west of this region.
The question is who were these so-called ISIS members? To what group were they affiliated to? Why did they choose this timing to stage an attack against Iran?
A few months ago it was reported that the IRGC used helicopters to transfer hundreds of ISIS members from Dezli in Iran’s Kurdistan Province to Kalar and Tuz Khurmatu near Iraq’s Kirkuk Province.



 <img src=https://image.mojahedin.org/images/2018/2018131173452439440956_Map-shows-location.jpg' alt='' style='width:70%;margin:10px;' />

 Map shows location of the town of Dezli in Iran’s Kurdistan Province, and the locations of Kalar and Tuz Khurmatoo in Iraq.


Warnings were issued about the IRGC transfer of these ISIS members, and how their logistical needs were completely provided by the IRGC. All these individuals had long beards, and eyewitnesses and regional sources confirmed such developments, reports indicate.
What happened that these individuals, after some time with no one ever having any problem with their stay near the Iran-Iraq border, suddenly decide to send a 21-man group into Iranian territory?
This issue is directly related to the Iranian people’s nationwide protests seeking to bring about regime change.
The Iranian regime’s plot focuses on a claim of being under an attack, the country is at risk, the IRGC – now completely abhorred by the Iranian public opinion – is a popular entity and is supporting the country (!)
In fact, the question is, why didn’t ISIS target Iran during their climax, when they vast power and influence, enabling them to launch attacks in the heart of Europe? Why didn’t anything happen in Iran back then?
Secondly, after ISIS was completely eradicated by Kurdish forces and Hashid al-Shabi in Iraq, confirmed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and IRGC Quds Force Qassem Suleimani writing a letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei explaining ISIS has been annihilated even as far as the Iraq-Syria border, what has happened ever since that ISIS is suddenly reborn and enters Iranian territory?
Rest assured the 16 ISIS members arrested by the IRGC will be brought before state TV to “confess” to whatever the Iranian regime demands. They will most definitely be rehearsed by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), raising issues with the objective of preventing the continuing and rightful protests across Iran in the month of February, and especially on February 11th when the regime intends to celebrate the beginning of its 40th year in power.
These individuals will tell the viewers Iran is in danger, the threat of civil war is eminent, and the non-existing ISIS is attacking your country… with no way out other than measures to prevent such an attack.
For those lesser familiar with Tehran’s ruling clerics, this procures a license to crackdown to all of the regime’s security organs.
This is a known and old pretext resorted to by the Iranian regime. Let there be no doubt that no ISIS groups exist in Iran. Fundamentally, where have you ever seen ISIS send a group of its men to a mission ending in 16 members being arrested?
ISIS is known to fight to the death or committing suicide. In Iraqi Kurdistan reports indicate a 9-man ISIS group was surrounded by ground and air forces. They fought until the very last man died. None surrendered. There have been rare occasions when wounded ISIS members were apprehended.
In reality, this entire scenario is a pretext cooked by the IRGC.
Inside the country or abroad, there is no threat more dangerous than the continuing existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself. Various analysts believe this threat can lead to the disintegration of Iran into smaller separate states defined by ethnic lines (which I believe is wrong), result in increasing debauchery (possible) and the current economic impasse rendering completely bankruptcy for Iran’s financial system (very likely).
The main threat is none other than the Iranian regime itself.