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Unlike 2009 uprising, Iran 2018 Uprising shall not die


Protests in Iran have spread to scores of towns and cities in a matter of days.
Protests in Iran have spread to scores of towns and cities in a matter of days.

Jan. 12, 2018 - The Iranian regime has launched a lot of propaganda that foreign enemies have caused the uprising in Iran. They also widely propagate that the uprising of Iran has died and the situation in the country is calm. However, the reality is that Iran Uprising is not dead and the Iranian regime is incapable to quell it. The 2018 uprising, unlike the 2009 uprising, is not due to disputes at the top of the regime or fraudulent elections. The uprising of 2018 is due to profound economic and social problems with a very significant political and cultural dimensions.
Due to the depth of these problems in Iran, the mullahs’ regime can in no way eliminate the grounds for this uprising, mainly because the regime is unable to meet the fundamental demands of the people. The demands of the uprising people are freedom, non-intervention in the affairs of the countries in the region and to spend its expenditures on Iran’s economy, and the separation of religion from the state. However, these are not demands that the regime could succumb to.  Therefore, the regime has only two options or two paths to go.
The first is to suppress the uprising bloodily and violently. In this case, the uprising becomes more radical.
The second option is to not suppress the uprising. In this way, the uprising will expand rapidly and eventually ends in the overthrow of the regime.
The present situation in Iran and with the existing deep challenges in the Iranian society, along with the level of social opposition to this regime have evolved to a degree that will never return to the situation before 28 December 2017 when the uprising started. This clearly explains why the mullah regime, despite using all its suppressive forces, has not been able to eliminate the uprising over the past 12 days. In fact, the people have taken to the streets wherever there has been a slight possibility. The Iranian people and the Resistance have pledged to advance this uprising until the overthrow of the regime.