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Iran; Elementry School Student's Chant 'Death to Khamenei'


Elementry school students chant Death to Khamenei
Elementry school students chant Death to Khamenei

Iran, Jan. 7; Dozens of elementary schoolers from Ahwaz, Dezful and other cities joined their elders to show their anger and distrust of this corrupt government. They chanted "Death to Khamenei". 

Ironically, in one instance where the authorities had forced the preschoolers to join the pro-government really, the kids chanted "Death to Khamenei" after the rally was over and they were allowed to leave and go home. The kids then chanted Death to Khamenei on the way going home. This attracted the attention of all those who witness this scene. 

Therefore despite the government's efforts to force the people to go to the pro-gov rallies, people still express their opposition at any chance they get.






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