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VIDEO: Iranian Turks join protests, demonstrate in Tabriz


Protests began in Mashhad before spreading to other cities. (File photo)
Protests began in Mashhad before spreading to other cities. (File photo)

Al Arabiya, 6 January 2018 - Iranian Turks, also known as Azerbaijani Turks, clashed with a military unit in the northern city of Tabriz on the first day of joining the protests which have been on for 10 days now.

A video showed angry protestors hurling what looks like rocks at a military unit which arrived to end their protest.

One protestor can be heard chanting: “This is the end of the revolution” in reference to the 1979 revolution.


video: Special guard units are being chased by football fans of Tractor Factory Club in Tabriz, Jan. 5, 2018


Some observers think the participation of Azerbaijani Turks, the second largest ethnic group after the Persians in Iran, would mark the countdown to the regime’s collapse. Their participation in the 1979 revolution was significant and led to the Shah’s fall.

Recent protests began in Mashhad and quickly reached other cities and towns. Protestors have demanded the resignation of Rouhani’s government and called for toppling the supreme guide’s regime.

Meanwhile, the Iranian parliament said it opposes increasing the prices of water, Power & Gas. This was seen by some as a move by the government to calm the situation down.

On Friday, the Iranian Agriculture Ministry said that the government will not allow any increase in the price of rice, which had increased last month by 10 percent. The original price is actually considered high for the majority of Iranians who live in poverty or below the poverty line.


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