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Iran: Blind arrests to prevent the spread of the uprising; 2,500 arrested in the first week alone


National Council of Resistance of Iran
National Council of Resistance of Iran

Iran Uprising -No. 34


Incapable of confronting the heroic uprising of people across the country, the mullahs’ regime has increased the number of blind arrests in various cities. According to preliminary reports, the number of arrests in the first week of the uprising in more than 120 cities has amounted to at least 2,500. Here are examples of some of the regime’s officials and organs acknowledging to the number of arrests in 15 cities:
1. Ali Asghar Naserbakht, security deputy governor of Tehran, informed of the arrest of 450 people in the period of December 30 till January 1st.  In addition, a large number of protesters were arrested on January 1 and 2. The detainees have been transferred to Evin Prison, and their families gather in front of the prison on a daily basis demanding the release of their children.
2. Ali Aghazadeh, the governor of Markazi Province, threatened to deal with any unauthorized gathering violently and legally, and said, “more than 100 people were arrested in Arak in the December 30 demonstration.”
3. The mullahs' prosecutor in Kashan threatened the demonstrators and said on December 30, “According to the law, those who intend to fight against the regime would be considered corruptors on earth, and necessary legal proceedings will be carried out against them.” He added, “50 to 60 people were arrested in Kashan's illegal gatherings”.
4. Ali Ta’ala, the governor of Hamedan, reported the arrest of 150 people and the Fars News Agency, affiliated to the IRGC, informed of the arrest of three people in this city.
5. According to Ali Asghar Tahmasebi, political and security deputy of Golestan Governorate, 150 people were arrested in Gorgan.
6. According to the state-run daily Eqtesad, 100 people were arrested in Isfahan on December 31 and January 1.
7.  At least 116 people were arrested in Izeh, according to regime’s repressive organs.
8. Gholam Ali Hamzeh, commander of IRGC in Kerman, informed of the arrest of 80 people in this city.
9. Nasser Atabati, the Ardebil prosecutor, said 40 people were arrested in the city.
10. At least 90 demonstrators were arrested in Tabriz.
11. Tahirkhani, a member of the regime’s Majlis from Takestan (Qazvin province), reported 50 arrests in the city.
12. Political-Security deputy governor of West Azerbaijan, said 10 people were arrested in Urumia.
13. According to Rabat Karim police commander, 11 protesters were arrested.
14. According to the public prosecutor and revolutionary prosecutor of Pardis, 25 protesters were arrested.
15. Haji Reza Shakrami, Karaj prosecutor, acknowledged the arrest of 26 protesters in the city.
According to the mullahs’ regime’s acknowledgments, 90% of the detainees are under 25 years of age. Jaafari Dolatabadi, the Tehran prosecutor, visited Evin Prison on January 3 and "reviewed the situation of the arrested people by face-to-face visits." According to reports from inside the regime, all detainees were pressured to participate in television shows.
The Iranian Resistance calls on the Security Council and other relevant organs of the United Nations and all authorities defending human rights to take effective action for the quick release of detainees. The mullahs’ regime that denies all the values and objectives that the United Nations should be rejected from the international community.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 14, 1396 (January 4, 2018)


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