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Tehran, Iran; Death to Khamenei' shout the angry demonstrators


Tahran, demonstrators chant death to Khamenei
Tahran, demonstrators chant death to Khamenei

Tehrani residents on the night of Thursday, Jan. 4 chant "Death to Khamenei." This city has been the sporadic scene of anti-government demonstration. Being the capital, it makes it so much more important that Tehran would not let cool down the heat of protests. The chants of "Death to Khamenei" is an essential slogan that must be continued. 




Tehran, Evin Prison: Families of political prisoners and those protesters who have been detained in recent days have gathered in front of the notorious Evin prison in Tehran on Thursday, Jan. 4 to demand the release of their loved ones. It is imperative to continue these rallies in order to prevent the story of 2009 where hundreds were detained and many of them were executed or hanged or even killed under torture. 




Tehran, Tohid Blvd. A woman tells the protesters to repeat loudly, Death to Khamenei





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