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Video: Popular uprising in Iran calling 'No to high cost of living' continues


Kermanshah demonstration in support of Mashhad uprisings
Kermanshah demonstration in support of Mashhad uprisings

Iran, Dec. 29, 2017 – Today, Friday, December 29, 2017, thousands of residents of the city of Kermanshah, central Iran purred to streets chanting "Free political prisoners", and "No to Gaz, no to Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran."



 Watch the video: People chant, "People are under poverty, but the Supreme leader is living like the Gods"


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Demonstrations in the city of Kermanshah continues despite a heavy security forces present. The demonstrators chant "Death to the Dictators", "Free political prisoners", "No to Gaza or Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran".
The suppressive State Security Forces surrounded the area, but are unable to stop the demonstration.
The angry demonstrators in Kermanshah also protested against the lack of aid and supplies to the last month earthquake stricken residents.
This demonstration is the reaction to the yesterday's call to hold this uprisings



Mass demonstrations in Kermanshah in progress and protesters chant and call on Iranian youth to rise up.





Iran, Kermanshah (right now) 29 December - Protesters Chant Independence, Freedom, An Iranian Republic












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