Iranian official; There will be more Houthi missiles striking UAE, Riyadh

12/3/2017 6:45:00 PM

Shiite Houthi rebels claim they have shot a missile at UAE nuclear reactor

Shiite Houthi rebels claim they have shot a missile at UAE nuclear reactor

Dec. 3, 2017 - An Iranian regime official said the cruise missile launched by the Houthi rebels on Sunday claiming to hit Abu-Dhabi nuclear reactor, has hit an area near the airport where UAE was carrying a military maneuver. Sadr-al Houseini added that the UAE news outlets claimed the explosion was part of maneuvers outside Abu-Dhabi airport area. Sadr al-Houseini told the official Iran TV news agency that the Yemeni militants have been able to increase the missile capabilities to reach major Arab cities in the Persian Gulf region. 'they are showing that as they destroyed a number of Saudi warships, they can also increase their defensive capabilities,' al-Houseini added.
'So just one missile for Abu-Dhabi is definitely not enough and Ansar-Allah will learn that soon', Sadr al-Houseini said.
He also indicated that Saudi's Riyadh and other major Saudi cities and other Arab capitals that are part of the Arab coalition will be the next targets of the Houthi rebels' missile strikes.
Iran hardline daily Keyhan chief editor also referred to the increase in Houthi missile capabilities and said that this increase in range is definitely for just one missile and they have been able to do that on large scale. Shariatmadari added that Riyadh will be their next target, something that would alter the balance in the Yemen's civil war. 

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