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Iran: Price of a Drug Has Increased 9 fold


The price of this medicine has increased 10 times in just one year in Iran
The price of this medicine has increased 10 times in just one year in Iran

Iran, November 12, 2017 - A fertility drug Cinnal-F used by many patients sold last year for 60,000 tomans ($30) is increased to more than $300 this year, a 10 fold increase just in one year.
The state-run Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force on Friday November 9, and in a factional feud against Hassan Rouhani's government, wrote: “For several weeks, the price of Sinopar (tripartite hormone - the generic name of the drug), which is involved in severe fractures and osteoporosis, and especially applied in the spine injury, has increased to more than 600 thousand Toman.
Unfortunately, the insurance cut off the coverage of this drug and the drug in the free (black) market costs 650 thousand Toman, while with the insurance coverage it was 65 thousand Toman in the past.”
“Insurers have made their work easy and never held accountable to their defective performance, which causes a lot of suffering to patients, and ultimately it is the patient who has to face hard times ahead of him, because drug and insurance managers do not care to respond,” Tasnim wrote.
“Now in the new 12th government ... we are witnessing some silent drug-related changes in the country that, with the cry of patients, some of these drug problems are communicated, while health and safety managers are currently in favor of silence fasting.”


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