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Iranian supporters of the Resistance demonstrate in NYC, #No2Rouhani


No to Rouhani the criminal terrorist agent of mullahs!
No to Rouhani the criminal terrorist agent of mullahs!

Sept, 20, 2017 - A large Syrian delegation also joined the Iranian Resistance rally in NYC. They called for the freedom of Syrian people from the dictator Assad regime. The speaker said that there is not doubt that the Syrian and Iranian people will prevail soon. The only reason that the dictator Assad is in power is because of the mullahs criminal regime helping them. So we are gathered here to say NO to Rouhani and No to Assad.





Senator Joseph Lieberman also addressed the huge crowed of Iranian Americans at the great rally in NYC in front of the UN Plaza to say No to Rouhani at the UNGA.
the Senator said during past two years that the nuclear agreement was negotiated nothing has been done to improve the human rights in Iran. And the President Trump was right to say that Iranian regime is the biggest threat the region and the world.

Senator Lieberman added that since the Iranian regime says that we are not going to change, then we must change the regime. 




John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the United Nations also spoke at the Iranian rally in front of the UN Plaza on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.
He said that instead of the mullah Rouhani who is now speaking on behalf of the Iranian people at the UNGA, a representative from the Iranian Resistance must represent the Iranian people.




Ambassador Bolton added that the Iranian regime is aiding and arming the Syrian dictator regime and destabilizing the entire region. So it is important to emphasize on the malign activities of these mullahs all over the region. The Iran deal is not something that can be fixed or improved, but the president of the United State must just get out of it. The only final solution to all these problems is a regime change in Iran and establishing a democratic government in its place.  



 Congressman Eliot Engle said that the Iranian people are great people, but they are being strangled by the criminal regime. But we must do to change this regime. This change must come from inside Iran. This brutality that has strangled the Iranian people must be stopped. we are not going to stop until the Iranian people are free again.

Congressman Engel added that "I say to the Iranian regime and the mullahs that the people must have freedom to choose whoever they want for their government, and that would not be the current dictators." 




Demonstrators at the UN Plaza said that the Iranians are here to say #No2Rouhani and demand regime change for a #FreeIran. This criminal regime must not getaway with #1988Massacre



 Giulio Terzi, the former Italy's foreign minister also spoke at the demonstration in NY and insisted that the International community must not forget the mass execution of more than 30,000 political prisoners in Iran during the summer of 1988.



The Iranian youth at the demonstration called on the international organizations to help the Iranian people and their Resistance to bring freedom and democracy to their country. They canted Free, Free Iran.



Iranians at the NY demonstration chant NO to Rouhani, Yes to Rajavi
They also said that the president of the brutal regime of the mullahs is presently speaking at the UNGA. This is while in Iran over past year more than 12,000 demonstrations were registered.



 The Iranian protesters sayd "No to a brutal regime, #No2Rouhani the criminal terrorist agent of mullahs! ROUHANI OUT OF UN NOW! #FreeIran #Iran.



Iranians have gathered at the NY UN Plaza to protest the presence of Iranian regime president at the UNGA. They call for the eviction of the Iranian mullahs from the world body.
Their call #No2Rouhani - Time for a #FreeIran 



Iranian youth supporters of the Resistance are present at the anti Rouhani demonstration in hundreds in front of the UN Plaza calling for the human rights in Iran.