10-year jail for Iranian who spied on UAE

8/10/2017 10:25:22 AM

Federal Court of Appeals also found the suspect guilty of impairing ties between the UAE and USA

Federal Court of Appeals also found the suspect guilty of impairing ties between the UAE and USA

Khaleej Times, Aug. 9, 2017 -A 48-year-old Iranian was on Wednesday sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges of espionage, forgery and smuggling instruments used for Iran nuclear program.
The Abu Dhabi Federal court of Appeals, also on Wednesday found that H.R.M.H.M was guilty for impairing ties between the UAE and USA by importing these equipment from America and smuggling them to Iran, in violation of UN sanctions imposed on Tehran.
The court ordered the convict be deported after serving the jail terms and asked him to bear the charges of the case.
Meanwhile, the court set aside four cases to August 27, which included the case of H.A.M.Sh, an Emirati who was charged with attempting to join Daesh and promoting the terror group's ideologies online.
The deferred cases also include that of an Emirati aged 34, A.M.H.R,, and a co-defendant S.M.A.S, a 44-year-old GCC national residing in UAE, who the public prosecution accused them of contacting agents working for the Iranian Intelligence agency who works at the Iranian Consulate in Dubai. The pair was charged of providing the agent with sensitive and classified information on UAE government installations, which may cause damages to the interests of the country.
According to the indictment sheet, the public prosecutors also charged them of causing damage to the UAE relations with Saudi Arabia, and publishing false and fabricated articles and information that are defamatory to Saudi Arabia and its political stands, which could affect the bilateral ties between the two countries.
A third case that was postponed involves S.M.A.A, an Emirati aged 55, who worked as office employee with an oil company in Abu Dhabi. The public prosecutors accused him of spying with agents of Iran's intelligence authority through an agent who works at the Iranian consulate in Dubai.
In the charges sheet, the defendant was accused of furnishing the Iranian agent with secret information about the oil fields, and the information were leaked to the agents of the Iranian Intelligence, which might harm the economic interests of the UAE.
Another case, which was deferred includes, A.M.A.M D, Emirati aged 24, who was charged with joining Daesh in Syria, where he attended military trainings after owing allegiance to Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi, the leader of the terror group.

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