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Those who massacred MEK members should be rewarded, senior Iranian official says


National Council of Resistance of Iran
National Council of Resistance of Iran

Ahmad Khatami, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts Board of Chairs, used the Tehran Friday prayer to express his anger over the ever increasing scope of the 1988 massacre justice movement, and actually called for those involved in the atrocity of executing over 30,000 political prisoners to be awarded medals.
“Then we see some people, in their websites, change the place of martyrs and murders. It was a divine move by [Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini] to force the [MEK] out of the country. All those who acted based on these orders, they should be rewarded with medals… however, those who in their websites have changed the place of martyrs and murderers, they should repent and beg for forgiveness,” he said. MEK is reference to the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).
This senior Iranian official, involved in many of this regime’s crimes, continues to be furious over the July 1st Iranian opposition rally held in Paris. He made ridiculous remarks against former Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh, blaming the 1953 coupe de’tat on him for not thanking the mullahs’ for their support, and feuding with mullah Abolghasem Kashani, a figure hated by the Iranian people for his relations with 1953 coupe detat the perpetrators.
Mullah Abbasian, another Friday prayer imam, made similar remarks in this regard.
“During the election season we witnessed how a number of people sought to change the MEK’s image and criticized those who stood against the MEK… hat’s off to the judge who executed MEK members,” he said.
A few days ago, former intelligence minister Ali Fallahian, sought by Swiss, German and Argentine judicial systems through international subpoenas, also expressed his concerns over the justice movement.
“Regarding the MEK and all other groups who are mohareb [enmity against God]… [Khomeini] ordered it… the ruling for all of them is execution… [Khomeini] constantly emphasized to beware they don’t slip out of your hands… [Khomeini] would always say be careful in this regard… before and after the 1988 issue. Even if a judge hadn’t sentenced them to death, he had acted wrong,” he said.
“… I want to discuss my first analysis, and that is the [MEK] rally in France… the sheer fact that they are permitted to hold a rally there is practical support for terrorism…,” he said at Tehran’s Friday prayers.
Former intelligence minister Ali Fallahian, a leading official involved in the 1990s chain murders in Iran, referred further to the scope of the 1988 massacre of MEK members.
“This was [Khomeini’s] orders… these people should always be executed, before and after the 1988 case. [Khomeini] would constantly say be careful they don’t slip out of your hands. He would say we should act based on our religious duties and don’t wait for history to judge us,” he said. Fallahian also acknowledged that many of those arrested in the early years after the 1979 revolution simply for selling newspapers, or procuring food and other necessities for the MEK.
These horrific remarks are only a tip of the iceberg of the mad choir launched by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to justify the 1988 massacre, especially after his failure in engineering the recent presidential election and attempting to have his candidate, conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi, known for his direct role in the 1988 massacre, replace the incumbent Hassan Rouhani.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 22, 2017


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