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U.S. Considering Tougher Sanctions on Iran

Iranian Regimgs Revolutionary Guard
Iranian Regimgs Revolutionary Guard
April 17, 2017 - The Trump administration is expected to place heavier sanctions on Iran, Foreign Policy reports.
The White House is leaning toward a “more rigorous application of the tools at its disposal,” a senior White House official told the news outlet.
Iran’s most powerful security entity, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is a group the White House considered designating a terrorist group earlier this year, in part for its support of terrorism. The U.S. is now considering broadening sanctions to include bigger chunks of the Iranian economy by targeting the IRCG. The country is also an ally to Syria, which President Donald Trump last week hit with missiles in response to a chemical weapons attack carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Iran will meet with the six world powers charged with drumming up the 2015 nuclear deal on April 25. The White House is said to be considering squeezing Iran ahead of that meeting by building on those sanctions and checking Iran on its regional push for power in Syria and Yemen.


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