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Iran will soon see a very beautiful spring of freedom with Maryam Rajavi


Jean-Pierre Muller, mayor and Member of Val dOise
Jean-Pierre Muller, mayor and Member of Val dOise

March 20, 2017 - Jean-Pierre Muller, mayor and member of Val d'Oise addressed the Nowruz gathering where thousands of Iranian Resistance members and supporters had gathered to celebrate the wonderful arrival of the spring. 
Mr. Jean-Pierre Muller is also a member of Val d'Oise Provincial Council and co-president of the French Mayors' Committee for a Democratic Iran.
Mayor Muller took the podium and addressed the crowd saying "As I walked in to this great hall, tears came to my eyes, not for sadness, but I felt that I am among my own people. I have this feeling that I know every one of you who are here. We are all brothers and sisters. We share the same goal of freedom and democracy."

Mayor Jean Pierre Muller added that there are 36,000 mayors in France stand with you in principals of freedom and equality and brotherhood."
He also expressed that more need to be done to achieve the goals of the Iranian Resistance and said: "Those who are true freedom fighters and the vanguards of the freedom deserve every bit of help and support to be able to reach their goals. People's Mojahedin are the vanguards of the freedom and we share these values with you."





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