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Mayor Mace celebrates Nowruz with the Iranian Resistance in Albania


Mayor Bruno Mace
Mayor Bruno Mace

The French city mayor, Bruno Mace attended the grand gathering of the Iranian Resistance with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi in the Albanian capital, Tiran on Sunday, March 20, 2017 where thousands of the Iranian Resistance members and supporters had gathered.
Mr Mace took the podium and congratulated the Iranian Resistance on this Nowruz and said: "we are representing 14000 French mayors who support you and your cause."

He also wished grate achievement in the struggle for freedom and democracy for the Iranian people and added: ’just this celebration that you are all safe here in Tirana is a victory and is a new day and a new step for all of you. Of course the next step would be to celebrated Nowruz in Tehran among all Iranians."