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Iran: Critically ill political prisoner on hunger strike, in a grave danger


political prisoner Behnam Mousivand
political prisoner Behnam Mousivand

Two weeks into his hunger strike, the severely weakened political prisoner Behnam Mousivand was taken to Gohardasht prison’s medical unit, and from there to a hospital outside the prison on Tuesday, December 13.
While in his wheelchair, waiting to be dispatched in a room in front of the prison warden’s (Mohammad Mardani), Mousivand was severely beaten by a number of prison staff for not wearing a prison uniform, handcuffs, and shackles. He was then transferred to Karaj’s Rajaee Hospital in that same battered state.
Once in the hospital, a law enforcement officer prevents Mousivand from performing his medical tests, holding him in his wheelchair for more than six hours.
Without receiving any kind of treatment, Mousivand is taken back to prison.
Back in the prison, Mousivand was kept for several hours in inspection room for no reason, while being in his wheelchair and unable to walk.
Due to being beaten by prison staff, the blood on Behnam Mousivand’s clothes was clearly visible, according to reports.
Gohardasht political prisoners in Karaj have written a letter to Behnam Mousivand in this regard, asking him to stop his hunger strike:
“Dear Behnam,
you have proved your honesty and loyalty... We learned today that your mother has become aware of your situation and has come to meet you, but loses consciousness and falls to the ground in the meeting hall, …seriously, sincerely, we ask you to stop your hunger strike because of your mother’s dangerous heart disease.
Peace be upon you.
Your friends and ward-mates in hall 12 of Gohardash Prison.”