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Ahmad Montazeri: If I go to prison Mr. Montazeri’s files may be revealed even sooner


Ahmad Montazeri alongside the late Ayatollah Montazeri
Ahmad Montazeri alongside the late Ayatollah Montazeri

Ahmad Montazeri described a ruling issued by the special clerics court sentencing him to 21 years behind bars and stripping him of any clergy authority as “ridiculous.”
“I believe they seek to impose pressures to prevent the publication of any sound bites. We have published one sound bite and they are describing it as a measure against national security and unveiling classified documents. It is similar to saying a person has killed another individual, possessed a knife and also stabbed someone. It is very strange. Lawyers and jurists reviewing this ruling have described it as ridiculous,” he said in an interview.
“If I feel I have a duty, I will take action. It depends what conditions we will be in the future and if it is suitable to unveil the files or not. If we go to prison these files may be published even sooner. I don’t know. Time will tell what decisions will be made,” he added.

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Iran's judiciary, the special branch of 'Special Clerical Court (SCC)' on Sunday, November 27, sentenced Mr. Montazeri's son to Prison and defrocked him, according to Montazeri's website.
Mr. Ahamad Montazeri, son of the late Ayatollah Montazeri was sentenced to 21 years of harsh prison term and was also defrocked for posting his late father's audio tape criticizing the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.
He has been charged with 'acting against the National Security', 'posting classified documents' and 'Propaganda against the System.'
According to Mr. Montazeri's website, he has to actually spend 6 years of this sentence in prison.
Ahmad Montazeri has also been defrocked, but since according to the mullahs' rules, he is the son of a martyr, the sentence would be suspended for 3 years.
The sentence can be appealed in the Special Clerical Court.
The exposing of the audio tape with the voice of Ayatollah Montazeri harshly criticizing a number of officials which were known as 'the death squad' stirred a huge storm inside and outside Iran among the international community and human rights defenders.
It also created a large scuffle inside the government's apparatus and has been continued to date. Issuing this sentence would undoubtedly stir a major controversy among the rulers of Iran in the war of wolves between the two factions.