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Paris, 26 Nov 2016 ‘Syrian people are not alone’


By : Rob Roberts

Freedom Star,  November 27, 2016 - Mrs. Rajavi from the pro-democracy coalition group NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) was inviting Syrian dignitaries to address conference delegates from the Syrian and Iranian diaspora in Paris on Saturday, Nov 26th at La Maison de La Mutualité.




The aim of the conference was for the Syrian resistance to show solidarity with the Iran resistance in its shared vision to stop the further meddling in the neighboring countries in the Middle East.


The road of this movement


Those present included prominent journalist and esteemed Syrian political thinker Michele Kilo, also Saleh Al-Qallab, Jordan’s former minister for publicity.
Taking the microphone came Haitham al-Maleh, the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Syrian National Council.
Mr. Maleh remarked that although he’d been part of the delegations committee in finding a solution on Syria that Russia continually blocks decisions for progress made by UN Security Council. And has even blocked a French project to intervene, preventing Assad to go to trial.
The human cost
Mr. Maleh illustrated the human cost of the ongoing dictatorship of Assad were 200,000 woman and children have been killed in the conflict, sharing data that shows clearly that prisoners are continued victims of rape and torture. Mr. Maleh took the opportunity remind us too that there are over 100,000 documented cases of prisoners killed in Syrian prisons.





Furthermore, there are 95,000 people fighting against the Syrian opposition supported by Rouhani or Putin. The strategy of Iran and Russia is to keep Assad in position, meaning there is currently no hope for peace in Syria.
Groups like Deash are absolutely rejected by the Syrian people. The idea though is more in reaction to the Iranian situation and to prevent further conditions for slaughter.
In the name of religion and racism
The conference quite plainly outlined its resentment the Iran regime’s meddling in Syria, and that right now in people’s minds it’s not possible to disentangle Daesh from the regime’s support for Assad in Syria. 





Brita Haji Hasan, Head of Aleppo City Council ran off a fact there are 45 different militias recorded in the region, using this to illustrate where the instability in the region stems from. And of which has been one of the causes towards the emergence of Daesh. The Iranian regime’s only objective itself, to export terrorism and fundamentalism.
Additionally, given that the country's administration and finances have collapsed, it’s supposed that the Iran regime is ruling the cities in Syria. So how does Assad continue? Support from the Iranian regimes keeps the Assad administration alive, furthermore highlighting that if the Iranian regime were to be removed, could a gateway opportunity be opened towards bringing down the Assad dictatorship?
Fadel Abdul Ghani, Chairman of the Syrian Network for Human Rights spoke further about the war crimes perpetrated by the regime, saying they were carried out in a thoroughly structured manner.





Mr. Ghany recalls a conversation between him and a journalist early in the conflict, who asked if Iran’s presence could help bring stability to Syria? No, his response, this regime simply doesn’t care about human life; Iran’s objective is simply to export terrorism and fundamentalism.
Before 2012 Iran had been playing a role in Syria, but since 2012 came the beginning of a second era, leading to an ethnic war. And for which the Iranian regime stepped up with the narrative that they were intervening to protect religious spaces in Syria, which at this very moment ISIS was evolving. Leading the Iran regime to pay mercenaries to go to war.
At today’s conference, the Syrian resistance demonstrated their acute understanding of the conflict and their wish for a resolve, which must be achieved by judicial means. This pro-democratic alliance will be looking to the upcoming Trump administration to see where things go next for the henchmen of Iran.





Rob Roberts is a UK-born journalist living in Paris. He writes about
Paris and international.


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