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Syria: Another hospital destroyed in Aleppo


English News
English News

Al Arabiya, 25 Nov. 2016-  A hospital specialized in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) in the Syrian city of Termanin was targeted by air raids on Friday, leaving two reported dead and several injured.

Al-Zahraa hospital, located in the border region between Aleppo and Idlib, was reported to be one of the few remaining OBGYN hospitals in the area.

Doctors who were working at the hosptial sent pictures Al Arabiya English showing the destruction caused by at least one reported airstrike.

About 250,000 people in eastern Aleppo have been under siege since  Bashar al-Assad’s army, aided by Iranian-backed militias and Russian jets, cut off the last road in early July.

The last operating hospital in the rebel-held district was destroyed by Russian fighter jets last week, leaving the besieged people without access to medical care.