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Suppression and Poverty in Iran has Resulted in the Doubling of the Rate of Drug Addictions among Women


Increase in Drug addiction in Iran
Increase in Drug addiction in Iran

Iran’s chief justice for drug enforcement agency in an interview with Mehr News agency on September 7, 2016 has pointed out the increasing rate of drug addiction among women.

Ali Moyedi said, “Overall from one million three hundred and fifty thousand drug addicts, 10 percent of them are women. This number has been doubled in comparison to our previous estimation”.
This official without pointing out to the real causes of this societal disaster also said “What we are facing today in area of drug use is the change in rate in which women are gravitating toward addiction. The change of this rate is the reason that we are facing this problem today.”
It is necessary to point out that on August 27, 2016 statement by the national council of resistance of Iran which was issued regarding: “The hanging of 12 prisoners in Karaj central prison in early August” that “The origin of drug distribution goes back to Khamenei and Revolutionary Guards. The income from such illegal activities are directed to Terrorism and it is used for spreading their fundamentalist ideological agenda.”
In a United Nations confidential report leaked by wiki leaks, it has been pointed out that the Iranian regime could be the biggest drug cartel in the world. (U.S. Embassy cables in Baku June 12, 2009)
Furthermore, some officials of the Iranian regime and Revolutionary Guard are directly responsible for the distribution and selling of drugs among Iranian youth specially students. Finally, a parliament member Rasoul Khezri has pointed out that the estimated number of people who are struggling with drug addiction is around 10 million. He also stated: “Although the inflation has caused an increase in price of all goods, the price of a lethal drug called “Crystal Meth” has significantly decreased.”