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Syria: More than 70 of Assad army personnel killed in “Aleppo Rage” operation


Syrian rebels capture key Assad forces positions
Syrian rebels capture key Assad forces positions
Syrian rebels inflicted heavy casualties and loses to Assad Army and Iranian regime militias after a coordinated attack on the enemy position to break the Aleppo siege. Sources have put the casualties on Assad side more than 70 killed. There are a number of senior Assad Army and Iranian regime militants among the dead. Syrian rebels destroyed a number of Assad army tanks and armored cars.
Clashes continue in a number of fronts, including in South and Southwest of Aleppo. According to the reports, Assad forces stationed in the military academy of Ramouseh have been surrounded and have totally lost their morals. In addition to human casualties, the Assad regime has lost almost a dozen tanks and armored vehicles in the battle. Rebels also took 3 tanks and large amount of ammunitions and shells from Hekmat Academy.
The Free Syrian Army legal advisor, Osameh Abu-Zeid announced the second stage of the operation “Aleppo Rage.” He pointed out to the achievements of the first stage and said the second phase would soon begin.
The headquarters of the Iranian regime and Hezbollah militants were captured by the Syrian opposition forces in Aleppo.