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Camp Liberty Comes Under Heavy Rocket Attack


Camp Liberty, Iraq under heavy missile attack
Camp Liberty, Iraq under heavy missile attack

Rocket attack on Camp Liberty


News Blaze, July 4, 2016 - At 20.35 local time today Camp Liberty came under heavy rocket attack. It was not the first time this camp came under attack. These attacks are all orchestrated by Iranian regime and carried out by Iran’s affiliated militants in Iraq.
The United Nations and The United States of America are responsible for protecting the Iranian dissidents inside Camp Liberty.
The previous attack was in October 2015, where 24 Camp Liberty residents were killed. US President Barack Obama signed an amendment to protect Camp Liberty residents.
In 2013, a previous deadly rocket and mortar attack on the same camp killed six and wounded scores of others.
US Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said the U.S. condemned “in the strongest terms the vicious and senseless terrorist attack that took place at Camp Hurriya (Liberty).”