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Syria: No victory over Daesh with Assad still in power


Assad must go before ISIS can be defeated
Assad must go before ISIS can be defeated

The “Islamic Fundamentalism and Road Map to Defeat Daesh (ISIS)” is the title of an article published recently by the International Committee in Search of Justice, ISIJ. The article explains the ideological resemblance between the ISIS and the regime of Bashar Assad.
In the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, the new report offers analysis on the origins of the problem of Islamic extremism in the Middle East and a series of recommendations for a smart policy by the international community that could lead to the neutralization of Islamic State (ISIS) and to lay the foundations for peace in the region.
The 36-page report was published on Wednesday, May 26, on the website of the ISJ committee:
The report points out the only viable solution to eliminate ISIS is to simultaneously work to remove Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad from power.
“This option will overhaul the political and military conditions in Syria and deprive Daesh of its breeding ground. Terminating a five-year catastrophe that has left nearly half a million innocent people dead and more than 10 million homeless refugees, will undoubtedly diminish motivations for terrorism to a great extent. In the next step, it will open the way for the current Syrian Army to be joined by its opponents to confront Daesh. This will halt the flow of the refugees to Europe and could even open the way for the majority of current refugees to return to their homes in Syria,” the report said.
“Under this option, it is necessary to aid the Syrian opposition because it can provide the troops that are needed on the ground. An essential part of any effective policy would be opening the way for the moderate Syrian opposition and the moderate Sunnis and tribes in Iraq, while giving them military and political assistance or at least protecting them against genocide and barbarism of the Assad regime, Daesh and the Iranian-backed Shiite militias. Ultimately it will be the people of these countries who will uproot terrorism and restore peace and security in their homelands.”
“Declaration of a no-fly zone is essential to efficient aiding of the Syrian opposition. Creation of this zone would provide a safe place behind the lines for the moderate opponents, as well as a refuge for displaced people, and finally a launching pad for the overthrow of the Assad regime.”
“This solution will be complemented by a cultural battle against extremism; a solution which will present a tolerant and democratic interpretation of Islam against fundamentalism.”
The report recommended that in conjunction with firm security measures in Europe and airstrikes against ISIS:

1) The ouster of Bashar Assad should be set as the prime target of EU’s strategy in Syria while encouraging the US to adopt the same direction;
2) The moderate opposition, especially the Free Army of Syria, should be supported militarily and specifically with air-defence batteries;
3) Removal of foreign forces, especially Iranian IRGC (Revolutionary Guards0, Hezbollah and their affiliated militias from Syria, should be a fixture of the EU’s position during the peace talks;
4) The formation of a no-fly zone with help from the US and Turkey;
5) Supporting democratic Muslims who advocate a tolerant Islam in Europe and on the international arena as the strategic antithesis to extremism under the banner of Islam.