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Iran: Woman pol. prisoner is denied special medical care outside prison


Kurdish political prisoner Ghadriye Ghaderi
Kurdish political prisoner Ghadriye Ghaderi

A Kurdish political prisoner currently being held at Yasouj Central Prison in southwestern Iran, is suffering from numerous infectious and orthopedic illnesses. But despite her medical complication, Ghadriye Ghaderi has been denied receiving special medical care available only outside prison clinic.
After much pressure and complaint by her family, she was allowed twice during last few months to seek care outside the prison, but each time she was forced to cover herself all over with a chador and wear handcuffs and chains. This led to her protests to such conditions,” an informed source said.
Ghaderi was arrested in early 2011 in the city of Urumieh, northwest Iran, and held in detention for nearly two months. She was then transferred to the women’s ward of Urumieh Central Prison.
This political prisoner is facing charges of collaboration with a Kurdish party and sentenced to 7 years behind bars in exile.


( April 5, 2016)