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Iran Supreme leader’s representative; ’better to steal than to have a loose veil’



An ultra-conservative Iranian mullah, Alamalhoda, the representative of Iranian regime supreme leader in the city of Mashhad, northeast Iran insisted that stealing and plundering people’s wealth, although a crime, but is considered less severe than improper veiling for women. On April 8th this mullah posted on his Instagram page a response to a question, “Is improper veiling worse or graft?”
“A human being that steals from others, speaks of something sinful, or looks at other people’s wives, has sinned that only diverts his/her own self. However, improper veiling is a sin that makes a tool out of a human being, allowing the Devil divert others. That girl and woman that accepts God, the Quran and Equivalent Aperture, yet has lost hijab, puts on make-up and appears before men outside of her family with her hair showing, not only has she sinned, but she has also become a tool for at least 100 others to commit sins. Therefore, this is one of the worst sins,” he said.
Last week Khamenei’s office issued an order indicating the instructions issued by Khamenei’s representatives are similarly binding as the leader’s own opinion, meaning Khamenei himself. Accordingly, improper veiling is considered one of the worst sins and the regime’s courts condemn improperly veiled women in the most severe manner.


Wearing the hijab is a legal requirement for women in Iran. BBC Trending reported earlier this week that a controversial Facebook campaign is calling on female tourists visiting the country to post pictures of themselves without headscarf. The campaign is the work of My Stealthy Freedom, an online movement which is no stranger to this particular act of defiance. Almost two years ago BBC Trending reported on the group’s launch, since then the campaign has posted dozens of photos of Iranian women risking arrest by going out in public without the religious head covering.


My Stealthy Freedom Image: Female visitors to Iran from across the world posed for pictures without a headscarf



It is crystal clear why the mullahs’ in Iran consider crackdown measures based on hijab more important than anything else. Misogyny is one of the most important drives of this medieval regime. If such an initiative is stopped the entire mullahs’ hierarchy will literally crumble.
Of course, it is obvious that such a repressive viewpoint gives birth to gender segregation regulations imposed even in passenger trains. Wagons specifically allocated for women have been launched in trains on the Tehran-Mashhad path, according to the state IRNA news agency. Even if seats in these wagons are empty they will not be sold to men.



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