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Iran under Hassan Rouhani: growing number of homeless people becoming major dilemma


The shocking phenomenon of homelessness is increasing in number in Iran
The shocking phenomenon of homelessness is increasing in number in Iran
Two years after Hassan Rouhani was selected as Iran’s president, of the many promises broken can be seen in Iran’s streets, especially those of the capital Tehran. Senior Iranian officials are revealing shocking numbers such as up to 17,000 homeless people living on the streets across the country. Other officials are known to have admitted that 5,000 women living on the streets in Tehran alone. And yet we all know the true numbers have to be much, much higher…
As the mullahs are robbing the nearly 80 million people of Iran of their God-given wealth, plundering this country’s oil, gas and other natural resources for their nuclear weapons drive and deadly terrorist ambitions, more and more people are living under poverty in Iran that promised one day to be paradise.
Drug addiction and poverty are forcing people to live in the streets, and God knows what awaits vulnerable Iranian and girls that are found all alone at night. Sex slavery and being sold abroad is the destiny awaiting these innocent bright hopes, as all their dreams are shattered.
Iran is becoming the land of no light, and people are forced into misery by the mullahs’ regime. Despite all this, and despite the fact that these horrifying images are hard to believe in the 21st century for a country that boasts of being capable of producing 4 million barrels of oil per day and God knows how cubic meters of gas, the international community and especially the West have remained silent and are actually shaking hands with the ruthless rulers of this regime.
Of course, what can one expect as innocent Syrians are being mutilated under barrel bombs and gassed by Bashar Assad’s forces every day? The irony is that Bashar Assad and all militant groups are being supported by the Iranian regime sitting on the throne in Tehran, providing billions of dollars of Iran’s wealth to their horrific plots in the Middle East and beyond. The same billions robbed form the Iranian people that are now living in the streets and over 90% under the poverty line…
But rest assured that there is light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. And one day soon, oh very soon, the Iranian people will have their time to rise in the name of freedom…