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Syrians opposition says 34 killed by regime rockets, shelling in Douma


Vicious bombings in Syria
Vicious bombings in Syria
A Syrian opposition activist group said at least 34 people were killed Sunday as a new wave of Assad regime attacks on the western city of Douma killed at least 34 people, CNN reported on August 23rd.
Government forces shelled and launched rockets on the city in the countryside outside Damascus, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
The group said the death toll is expected to rise, as many of those injured are in critical condition and there are people missing -- possibly buried under rubble.
Sunday’s violence marks another bloody day in Syria’s 4-year-old civil war. What started as a political protest in 2011 was met by a violent government crackdown, which then led to an armed uprising and a civil war.
Last year, the United Nations estimated about 200,000 people -- including thousands of children -- have been killed in the civil war, though the exact death toll is likely to be much higher.
Syrian rebels have been trying to oust Bashar al-Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for more than 40 years.


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