Iranian youths resort to selling body parts and even eyeballs due to extreme poverty

8/13/2015 9:59:04 AM

selling body parts and even eyeballs

selling body parts and even eyeballs

While the massive wealth of Khamenei and other senior Iranian regime officials, and the cases of thefts in the billions by those affiliated to the regime are heard about and discussed all over Iran, the number of people resorting to selling body parts to make ends meet in Iran under the mullahs’ regime has significantly escalated.
As selling blood, kidneys and livers have now become common in Iran, currently this market is witnessing a growing trend of eyeballs being placed for sale, reports indicate (State-run Shahr-e Ara daily – August 11, 2015).  Deprived people that literally cannot make ends meet for themselves or their family due to extreme poverty and unemployment have no other choice but to sell their body parts and risk their health.
“70% of all kidney transplants in Iran were from living individuals, whereas in other countries across the globe these statistics are only 15%,” admitted Mohammad Reza Ganji, head of the Iranian regime’s nephrology Association.
Witnessing sentences such as “New market for buying and selling eyeballs”, “Kidneys for sale with discount”, “Kidneys for sale, AB+, 18 year old”, “Liver for sale, O-, 23 year old”, “bone marrow for sale, B-, 54 year old” and … are just a portion of the advertisement of body parts for sale seen on the Internet, and signs on walls in cities across Iran.
The mullahs’ regime is not only imposing no restrictions on living individuals selling their body parts, in fact it has made this into a tool for embezzling the deprived people of Iran. A large number of websites and blogs launched for this very cause are actually encouraging this viciousness and devious trade.
These developments are taking place as the bloodthirsty mullahs are allocating billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s wealth and earnings for the export of terrorism, fundamentalism and warmongering across the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen to maintain this repulsive regime in power in any way possible.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 11, 2015

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