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Excerpts from Massoud Rajavi s remarks on 1988 massacre of political prisoners


Massoud Rajavi
Massoud Rajavi

The question before us is not about how many people Khomeini has executed. The question is how many people he has spared. With endless brutality, utmost savagery and inconceivable cruelty, Khomeini sheds blood. He recognizes no laws, no norms, no order, and no responsibility. If one does not believe this, one has not understood the nature of Khomeini, his regime and his mercenaries. If it were otherwise, he could not have ruled even for a single day.
Allow me to extend my most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families and specially the parents of martyrs all across the country.
Despite such brutality and barbarism, Khomeini has not been able and will never be able to put out this flame of resistance.
Do not ever think that these sacrifices were in vain; do not ever think that Khomeini could simply get away with it; no, never!

Massoud Rajavi December 14, 1988


This chapter offers an account of the 1988 massacre and identifies the Iranian regime's leading officials involved in the killings. The names and particulars of 4,000 innocent victims of the carnage are included in chapter one. The photographs of a number of victims appear at the end of this chapter.


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