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Khomeini’s letter on the execution of ‘steadfast’ Monafeqin ‎‎[Mojahedin] prisoners‎


Khomeinis picture -2
Khomeinis picture -2

The Compassionate, the Merciful: As the treacherous Monafeqin [Mojahedin] ‎
do not believe in Islam and what they say is out of deception and hypocrisy, and as their ‎leaders have confessed that they have become renegades, and as they are waging war on ‎God, and as they are engaging in classical warfare in the western, northern and southern ‎fronts, and as they are collaborating with the Baathist Party of Iraq and spying for Saddam ‎against our Muslim nation, and as they are tied to the Wotted Arrogance [the USI, and in ‎light of their cowardly blows to the Islamic Republic since its inception, it is decreed that ‎those who are in poisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the ‎Monafeqin [Mojahedin, are waging war on God and are condemned to execution.‎
The task of implementing the decree in Tehran is entrusted to Hojjat ol-Islam Nay yeti, the ‎religious judge, Mr. Eshraqi, the Tehran prosecutor, and a representative of the Intelligence ‎Ministry.‎
Even though a unanimous decision is better, the view of a majority of the three must prevail ‎in prisons in the provinces, the views of a majority of a trio consisting of the religious judge, ‎the revolutionary prosecutor, and the Intelligence.
Ministry representative must be obeyed. it is naive to show mercy to those who wage war ‎on God. The decisive way in which Islam treats the enemies of God is among the unquestionable tenets of the Islamic regime. I ‎hope that with your revolutionary rage and vengeance toward the enemies of Islam, you ‎would achieve the satisfaction of the Almighty God. Those who are making the decisions ‎must not hesitate, nor show any doubt or be concerned with details. They must try to be ‎‎“most ferocious against infidels.” To doubt the judicial issues in revolutionary Islam is to ignore the pure blood of the martyrs.‎
‎ ‎

Rouhollah Moussavi Khomeini

Khomeini’s letter on the execution of ‘steadfast’ Mojahedin prisoners‎