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Montazeri's letters to Khomeini on July 31, 1988, complaining that ‎mass execution of Mojahedin



(Doc. No. 153‎)

Montazeri’s letter to Khomeini in protest to the execution of prisoners ‎who were serving their sentences!

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful‎,

His Exalted Eminence Imam Khomeini,   ‎

With greetings, T would like to inform Your Eminence of the following regarding your ‎recent decree for the execution of the Monafcqin [Mojahedin] who remain in prisons.‎
The nation apparently tolerates the execution of those arrested in the recent incidents with ‎no adverse consequences; hut the execution of those who were already in prison has the ‎following consequences:‎
‎1. These executions are perceived as an act of vengeance and a vendetta, considering the ‎present state of affairs;‎
‎2. Many families, even those who are pious and revolutionary, are distressed and aggrieved ‎by these executions, and have turned their hacks to our regime;‎
‎3. Many of the prisoners who are not holding fast to their views are being treated by the ‎officious as if they were;‎
‎4. At a time when under the attacks and pressure of Saddam and the Monafeqin ‎‎[Mojahedin], we are attracting some sympathy around the world and many newspapers and ‎personalities are defending us, it is unwise for the regime and yourself to have the propaganda ‎turned against us; ‎
‎5. While these people have been sentenced by our courts to prison terms, to execute them ‎without any process and new activity is a complete disregard for all judicial standards and ‎rulings. This will not reflect well on our regime;‎
‎6. Our judicial officials, prosecutors and intelligence officials are not perfect and
There is plenty of opportunity for mistakes and unduly influenced decisions. With Your ‎Eminence’s recent decree, many people who have light charges or are innocent are executed;‎
‎7. We have not so far benefited from these killings and violence. We have only stirred more ‎propaganda against ourselves and we have increased the appeal of the Monafeqin ‎‎[Mojahedin] and the counter-revolutionaries.‎
It is appropriate to treat them with mercy for a time so as to attract the sympathy of many ‎of them;‎
‎8. If you insist on your decree, then at least issue an order so that the judge, the prosecutor ‎and the intelligence official would have to reach a consensus for execution. They must ‎particularly spare women with children.‎
The execution of several thousand prisoners in a few days will not have positive ‎repercussions and wife not be mistake-free. Even some of our religious judges were very ‎distressed by this.‎

Hossein-Ali Montazeri
July 31, 1988‎

A few days later, a judge from Khuzestan by the name of Hojjat ol-Islam Mohammad ‎Hussein Ahmadi came to see me and was very distressed. He told me: "Over there, they are ‎executing them with great speed. They conjure up a majority vote out of the three-member ‎panel. They are angry about the Monafegin's operation, but are venting their anger on the ‎prisoners," I conveyed what he told me in the following letter to the Imam;‎

(Doc. No. 154)

Montazei’s second letter to Khomeini, 

Date: August 2, 1988‎,

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

His Exalted Eminence Imam Khomeini, ‎
With greetings, pursuant to my letter of July 31, 1988, I write the following out of my ‎sense of religious duty: Three days ago, a religious judge from one of the provinces, who is a ‎trustworthy man, came to see me in Qom and was in great distress because of the way Your ‎Eminence’s decree is being implemented. He said: The intelligence chief or the prosecutor (I ‎forgot which) was trying to ascertain if a prisoner was still holding fast to his beliefs. He ‎asked the prisoner if he was prepared to condemn the Monafèqin [Mojahedin], he said, ‎‎“Yes.” He asked him: “Are you willing to go to the front to fight in the war with Iraq?” He ‎said, "Yes.” They asked, “Are you willing to walk over mines*?” He said, “Do you mean all ‎the people are willing to walk over mines? Moreover, you must not have such high ‎expectations from someone who has just changed his views.”‎
They said, “It is obvious that you are still holding on to your political beliefs,” and dealt ‎with him in the same way they dealt with those who had held onto their previous political ‎positions (and executed him).‎
The judge told me how much he insisted that the verdict be issued by consensus, or a ‎majority, but this was not accepted, because it is the intelligence official who has absolute ‎control and others are under his influence. Your Eminence can see what types of persons are ‎implementing your grave decree that affects the lives of thousands of prisoners.‎

Hossein-Ali Montazeri

‎* By ‘walk over mines, “the prosecutor was referring to the commonly used tactics of the ‎revolution Guards in the Iran-Iraq war of  Sending wares of bogy soldiers across minefields to ‎clear the way ’for  The Guards’ advance. Hundreds of thousands 0/young Iranians Perished in ‎these “human ware” attacks.‎

But I noticed that they were still continuing the executions. On the first day of [the lunar ‎month of] Moharram*, I summoned Mr. Nayyeri, the religious judge of Evin, Mr. Eshraqi, the ‎prosecutor, Mr. Raissi, the deputy prosecutor, and Mr. Pour-Mohammadi, the Intelligence ‎Ministry representative. I told them: “It is Moharram, now. At least halt the executions during ‎this month.”‎
Mr. Nayyeri replied: “We have executed 750 prisoners in Tehran and separated 200 others ‎as those who are sticking to their views. Once we finish off this lot, you can order as you ‎wish...”‎
I became much dismayed and made several points and gave them a copy of the main points
in the form of a memorandum‎



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