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Ali Khamenei, President



Proposed list for indictments against top leaders and officials of Iranian regime

The following pages contain preliminary information on 22 individuals who played an active role in the massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1988. The list proposed for indictments for crimes against humanity, although not exhaustive, does identify the principal figures involved in various capacities, in the implementation of Khomeini’s fatwa that ordered the extermination of political dissidents.
Name: Ali
Family name: Khamenei
Position in 1988

Other positions
Revolutionary Council member, President 1981-1989, Vali-e Faqih (Supreme Leader) 1989-present
Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988
1. Khamenei was present in the meeting where Khomeini ordered the massacre. Khamenei strongly supported Khomeini’s order and persistently defended the fatwa when international condemnation mounted.
2. As President and the highest ranking executive authority in 1988, Khamenei bears primary responsibility for the massacre. As President, he allowed unlimited governmental resources to be used in implementing Khomeini’s order.
3. Khamenei has since been actively involved in preventing the exposure of the carnage. In order to protect the “interests of the regime” after the 1988 massacre and keep the crimes against humanity from being exposed, he prevented the UNHRC Special Representative from visiting Iran. (reported by the state-run radio on December 6, 1988)

Other charges
1. The terrorist operations outside Iran targeting hundreds of Iranian dissidents are initially approved by Khamenei and then submitted to the Supreme National Security Council for further review and subsequently put into implementation.
2. A German court referred to Khamenei’s role in the killing of four Iranian dissidents by agents of the Intelligence Ministry in the Mykonos Restaurant in Berlin. The court identified Khamenei as the highest authority giving orders for the assassinations.

Public statements
Khamenei acknowledged his responsibility and defended the massacre of political prisoners: “With respect to executions, mass executions in Iran, ... have we banned  capital punishment? No. We in the Islamic Republic have capital punishment for those  who deserve to be executed. Do you think we should give sweets to a prisoner who has  connections with the activities of the Monafeqin who attacked the Islamic Republic’s borders? If his connection with that group is revealed, what should we do to him? He is condemned to execution and we will execute him. We do not joke with this.” (Tehran radio, December 12, 1988)


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