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Mohammad Moghissei (Aqa Naserian)


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Position in 1988:
Governor of Gohardasht Prison, chief interrogator in Evin and Gohardasht prisons
Other positions
Top official in Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in Tehran, senior official in the judiciary
Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988
1. As the governor of Gohardasht Prison, Moghissei sat on the Death Commission during its sessions in that prison.
2. He personally hanged numerous prisoners in Gohardasht during the massacre.
3. In the exceptional cases that other members of the Death Commission wanted to show some leniency, Moghissei always prevented them and had the prisoner executed.
4. Under his direction, thousands of prisoners in Gohardasht were executed during the massacre and the few survivors were transferred to Evin.

Other charges
1. Moghissei has been described by many former prisoners as the most ruthless among all the torturers and executioners in Khomeini’s prisons. This ruthlessness allowed him to rise quickly in the mullahs’ hierarchy and become the governor of a major prison by 1987.
2. As the governor of Gohardasht, he introduced the most savage types of torture to the prison. Hundreds of prisoners lost their mental balance female under these torture methods. and hundreds more died.
3. He personally raped numerous women prisoners and encouraged this practice during his term as governor. 


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