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Ali-Akbar Mohtashamipour, Interior Minister


Ali akbar Mohtashamipour
Ali akbar Mohtashamipour

Other positions:
Ambassador to Syria responsible for the regime’s terrorist activities abroad in the 1980s, Presidential counselor under Khatami and Majlis deputy, Secretary General of International Conference To Support Palestine Intifadha, member of Combatant Clergy Assembly.
Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988
1. As Interior Minister, he was instrumental in carrying out the large-scale arrest of former political prisoners and Mojahedin sympathizers across the country, as Khomeini’s fatwa required that in addition to those Mojahedin supporters in jail, others at large also be caught and executed.
2. Mohtashamipour vigorously defended the massacre and suppressed all internal dissent. The Komiteh Revolutionary Guards under his command were responsible for suppression and intimidation of the victims’ families.

Other charges
1. As the Acting Commander in Chief of the internal security forces (Komiteh), Mohtashamipour was responsible in the 1 980s for the arrest, torture and murder of numerous political activists and dissidents across the country.
2. Mohtashamipour’s role in the foreign terrorist operations of the mullahs’ regime throughout the 1980s is well documented.
Public statements
Mohtashamipour: “There are crimes which must be punished by execution. It is natural that the punishment for the Mojahedin is execution. Ali the rumors about mass executions are only about those who were executed in Mersad operation... But to put this issue to rest, I must say that all those who were arrested and all those who joined [the Mojahedin] have been executed.” (An interview with Iran’s Interior Minister, Al-Mostaqal daily, Lebanon, February 24, 1989)


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