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Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani, Secretary of the Guardian Council


Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani
Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani

Other positions:
Chief of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, member of the Guardian Council, religious judge of Tehran, Head of the Supreme Court.
Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988.
As the most influential religious judge in the regime, Gilani played an active role in the massacre of 1988 by overseeing the work of the Death Commissions.

Other charges
 1. As Chief of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, he issued numerous death sentences. Several thousand individuals have been tried by him summarily and sentenced to death. The court sessions lasted for only a few minutes and the defendants were never given a chance to defend themselves or appeal the court’s verdict.
2. He ordered the execution of two of his own sons, who were members of the Mojahedin.
3. Gilani has openly and repeatedly advocated torture, public executions, etc.
4. In his position as the head of the Supreme Court, he has upheld thousands of death sentences passed by courts and religious judges across the country.

Public statements
  Mohammadi Gilani, when religious judge of Tehran: “We must use Ta’zir (torture) on these [Mojahedin] to make them tell us where they have hidden their weapons. According to Islam, even if they die under torture, no one is held accountable. This is the precise decree of the Imam.” (Ettela’at, October 30, 1981)
  “Those who are arrested during armed street demonstrations can be lined up against a wall and shot on the spot. The wounded can also be finished off on the spot. From the religious point of view, there is no need to bring such people to court, because they have waged war on God. Their sentence is clear.. ..“ (Kayhan, September 20, 1981)



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