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Jaafar Nayyeri, Presiding Judge of Revolutionary Tribunal in Tehran, Chairman of the central Death Commission in Tehran


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Other positions:
Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988
  1. Religious judge and chairman of the central Death Commission in Tehran, personally appointed by Khomeini.
  2. He personally ordered the execution of at least 10,000 political prisoners during the massacre.
  3. According to Montazeri, in a meeting on August 12, 1988, Nayyeri confessed to some of his crimes by stating: “We have so far executed 750 people in Tehran. We have separated two hundred others because of their views and will get rid of them as well.”

Other charges
As a religious judge, judge of the Revolutionary Tribunals and holder of other senior positions in the courts, Nayyeri has ordered the execution of thousands of political prisoners in over two decades.


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