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Ali Fallahiyan, Senior Deputy Intelligence Minister


Ali Faliahiyan
Ali Faliahiyan

Other positions:
Religious judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Abadan,
religious judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Kermanshah, Minister of Intelligence 1989-1997, Special Prosecutor, Deputy Revolutionary Prosecutor, head of the Armed Forces Counterintelligence Organization, member of the Assembly of Experts.
Charges related to the massacre of
political prisoners in Iran in 1988 In his position as deputy to Intelligence Minister Rayshahri, Faliahiyan played an active role in implementing Khomeini’s orders. He appointed many of the Intelligence Ministry officials to the Death Commissions.

Other charges
1. As the religious judge in several cities including Abadan and Kermanshah, he ordered execution and imprisonment of several hundred people.
2. In 1982, as Deputy Director of the Revolutionary Court, he coordinated the activities of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court and the Central Committee and Revolutionary Guards Intelligence which led to the violent crackdown of 1982. (Ahrar newspaper, August 20, 1989) As a result of the Revolutionary Guards’ attacks on the houses of Mojahedin members and supporters in Tehran, at least 60 were killed.
3. In his capacity as the religious judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, he was able to discover and destroy the Mojahedin networks in Kermanshah and Khorassan provinces. (Abrar, August 20, 1989) Fallahiyan signed the execution orders for many Mojahedin members and supporters in these two provinces.
4. In his capacity as Deputy Intelligence Minister, he was responsible for the training of terrorist teams operating outside Iran.
5. Judge Roland Chatelain, the Swiss magistrate in charge of investigations into the 1990 assassination of Prof. Kazem Rajavi, declared in July 1997 that Fallahiyan had masterminded Prof. Rajavi’s assassination.
6. A Berlin court which investigated the assassination of four Iranian dissidents declared after a four-year probe that Faliahiyan was the mastermind and organizer of this crime. The court issued an international arrest warrant for Faliahiyan.
7. Fallahiyan issued the order to assassinate Mohammad Hossein Naqdi, the National Council of Resistance’s representative to Italy. This terrorist act was carried out by agents  of the Intelligence Ministry in 1993.
8. Fallahiyan issued the order to kidnap and kill Mr. All Akbar Qorbani, a member of the Mojahedin, in 1992 in Turkey. Qorbani was killed under torture and his mutilated body discovered a few months later.
9. Fallahiyan issued the order to kidnap and assassinate Ms. Zahra Rajabi, a senior member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. He directly supervised this operation carried out in February 1996. The initial plan was to kidnap Zahra Rajabi, but due to the resistance of a Mojahedin supporter who accompanied her, the Intelligence Ministry’s terrorists killed both of them. One of the terrorists was arrested and confessed to the Turkish authorities. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
10. The assassination of Shahpour Bakhtiar in Paris in August 1991 was ordered by Fallahiyan and carried out by agents of the Intelligence Ministry.
11. Fallahiyan’s Intelligence Ministry carried out 51 terrorist operations against the Mojahedin in Iraq. Rouhollah Hosseinian, a former Deputy Intelligence Minister, has confessed that Saeid Emami (Faliahiyan’s deputy) led 100 operations against the Mojahedin outside Iran.
12. Fallahiyan is one of the principal figures behind the murder of writers and intellectuals in Iran, known as the “chain political murders.” He was the organizer of these assassinations. A list including the names of 111 of those assassinated is available.


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