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Mohammad Moussavi Khoeiniha, Revolutionary Prosecutor General


Mohammad Moussavi Khoeiniha
Mohammad Moussavi Khoeiniha

Other positions:
Leader of the “Students Following the Line of the Imam”
who held American diplomats in Tehran hostage for 444 days, leader of the Second Khordad Front (Supporters of Khatami), member of the State Expediency Council Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988.
1. Khomeini personally assigned the task of implementing the fatwa for massacre to Khoeiniha as the Revolutionary Prosecutor General.
2. In all meetings of the Death Commission he had his own representatives who directly reported to him.
3. He dismissed several local prosecutors who objected to the mass murders.

Other charges
1. From 1985 to 1988, as the Revolutionary Prosecutor General, he was instrumental in the execution of thousands of people.
2. He and his deputy prosecutors issued at least 100,000 arrest warrants for dissidents. Most of the detainees were savagely tortured. Huge numbers were executed.
3. He appointed special representatives in the Ministry of Intelligence and its departments across the country to expedite the arrest and torture of political dissidents.
Le Monde, March 1, 1989: “Imam Khomeini summoned Revolutionary Prosecutor Hojjat ol-Islam [Mohammad Moussavi] Khoeiniha and ordered him to treat all Mojahedin, in prison or elsewhere, as being at war with God and execute them summarily...”


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