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Abdul-Karim Moussavi Ardebili, Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic, head of the Supreme Judicial Council


Abdul-Karim Moussavi
Abdul-Karim Moussavi

Other positions:
Member of the Revolutionary Council, the first Prosecutor General under Khomeini, an official interpreter of canon law (a jurist worthy of being followed or “emulated”), theological lecturer in Qom’s seminaries Charges related to the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988.
1. Moussavi Ardebili appointed religious judges to the Death Commissions throughout Iran.
2. He conveyed Khomeini’s fatwa for the massacre to religious judges and prosecutors throughout Iran and ordered them to join the Death Commissions.
3. He was among those who directly received Khomeini’s fatwa for the massacre. He then made sure the judiciary would obey it. (See a handwritten note by Khomeini’s late son, Ahmad, on Khomeini’s fatwa. Montazeri has published the document in his memoirs.)
4. Moussavi Ardebili ordered speedy execution of political prisoners without any judicial formalities. On August 6, 1988, in an interview broadcast by the national radio network, he stated: “The judiciary is under great pressure... There are questions about why these people are not executed. They must all be executed. We will no longer have trials or bother with the dossiers of the convicts.”

Other charges
More than 90,000 people were executed during Ardebili’s tenure as Chief Justice, between 1981 and 1989.
Moussavi Ardebili’s admission to some of these crimes against humanity is included in this chapter.


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