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The “Death Commission”‎


The Death Commission
The Death Commission
The “Amnesty Commission” began its work at Evin Prison on Wednesday, July ‎‎27.Ptisoners immediately nicknamed it the “Death Commission” and the name stuck  The ‎‎“Death Commission” worked three days in Evin and then moved to Gohardasht and held ‎summary trials for the inmates there. A trial never lasted more than a few minutes. It ‎resembled more an interrogation session complete with torture, rather than a court hearing. ‎The committee concentrated chiefly on Mojahedin prisoners who made up more than 90 per ‎cent of political prisoners.‎
All we know for sure is when it began. The massacre of political prisoners in Iran began on ‎Wednesday, July 31, 1988. By the time it finally ended in January 1989, the huge population ‎of political prisoners throughout the country had been reduced to an insignificant number of ‎survivors.‎


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