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Final death toll immense ‎


Nobody really knows exactly how many political prisoners were executed in the massacre. ‎Even the top officials who were responsible for carrying out Khomeini’s fa/wc to liquidate ‎political prisoners do not have accurate figures as to how many perished in the carnage. ‎Khomeini’s written orders to religious judges and revolutionary prosecutors across the ‎country were explicit: “Annihilate the enemies of Islam as quickly as you can.” In the great ‎haste to fulfill his command, Khomeini’s henchmen often did not bother with “details” such ‎as recording or reporting the exact number of executions or even registering the Identities of ‎victims.‎
A former prisoner who spent 15 years in jail and witnessed the massacre said: “It was ‎autumn when they gathered the surviving prisoners from different prisons of Tehran in Evin. ‎The massacre machine was grinding to a halt, but sporadic executions continued here or there.‎
‎“We still could not grasp the depth of the catastrophe. Our most dominating feeling was ‎one of shame and guilt for having stayed alive while so many had perished.‎
‎“We tried to make this inferno more bearable by collecting the names of victims. We listed ‎the names of 6,450 male inmates executed in Tehran’s prisons alone. We had no knowledge ‎of the number and names of executed women. But even as far as the executed male prisoners ‎in Tehran were concerned, our list was incomplete. We learned later of wards in Evin where ‎all prisoners -- down to the last man -- had been executed, with not a single survivor to tell the ‎story. We did not even know their names...‎
‎“We made an attempt to send the list outside through the family of an inmate, but it was ‎discovered by the regime. The result of the painstaking research and laborious efforts to ‎compile a comprehensive list of victims was destroyed.‎
‎“Some months later, we received information from other parts of the country, from Shiraz, ‎Mashhad, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Qom, Rasht, Babol, Sari, Qaemshahr, Zahedan and so on. ‎In the majority of these cities, all political prisoners had been executed. In Tehran and in all ‎other cities, thousands of ex-prisoners who had served their sentences and released years ‎before were re-arrested and taken directly to the ‘Amnesty Commission’... Those who were ‎not prepared to condemn the Mojahedin were taken to the gallows directly...”‎
Amnesty International stated in a report after the carnage that “the massacre


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