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UN: the report by the Special Rapporteur on ‎ Arbitrary Executions


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Economic and Social Council
                                                                                   E/CN. 4/1959/25‎
                                                                                   February 1989‎
                                                                                   original: ENGLISN‎

Excerpts from the report by the Special Rapporteur on
‎ Arbitrary Executions to the fifty-fifth session of the United Nations‎ Human Rights Commission

E/CN. 4/1989/25‎
page 28‎

Iran (Islamic Republic of)‎
‎142. Cables were sent to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 26 August, 14 ‎September, 11 and 15 November, 1, 8, 9,20 and 23 December 1988 concerning ‎allegations that since July 1988 a large number of prisoners, said to be members or ‎supporters of groups or organizations opposing the Government, had been executed and ‎several others were facing imminent execution in various parts of the country. According ‎to information received, a number of prisoners had their sentences of imprisonment ‎changed to the death sentence or were executed even though their terms of ‎imprisonment had been completed. The Special Rapporteur, mentioning a total of some ‎‎150 cases of prisoners whose names had been received, appealed to the Government on ‎purely humanitarian grounds to ensure that the right to life of those persons was ‎protected and requested information on the aforementioned cases.‎

‎143. On 13 January 1989, a cable was sent concerning 302 persons on 13 January 1989, ‎a cable was sent concerning 302 persons who might be facing imminent execution. ‎According to the information, these persons, as in the cases communicated to the ‎Government by the previous cables, had already served or were currently serving ‎sentences of imprisonment. It was alleged that many of the persons in question were ‎tortured and deprived of visits from their families.‎

‎144. In view of persistent reports received that several thousand persons had been ‎executed without trial or with a trial of a summary nature, the Special Rapporteur ‎appealed to the Government to ensure that the right to life of the above- mentioned ‎persons was protected as provided for in the International Covenant on Civil and Political ‎Rights. He also requested information on the above- mentioned cases as well as any ‎information on the fate of the persons mentioned in his previous cables, as follows: cable ‎of 26 August concerning 12 persons, cable of 1 November concerning Ali Akbar ‎Shalgoolney and Adel Talebi, cable of 11 November concerning Fereidoun Faroughi, ‎cable of 15 November concerning 24 persons, cable of 1 December concerning 55 ‎persons, cable of 8 December concerning Soraya Ali-Mohammadi, cable of 9 December ‎concerning Monireh Rajavi, cable of 20 December concerning 21 persons and cable of 23 ‎December 1988 concerning 43 persons.‎

‎145. On the same day, the list of 302 persons was communicated to the Permanent ‎Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Office at Geneva.‎

‎146. On 9 November 1988, a letter was sent to the Government transmitting the ‎allegation that, since July 1988, a large number of prisoners had been executed in various ‎parts of the country, without trial or with a trial of a summary nature. The victims ‎allegedly included members and supporters of organizations and groups opposing the ‎Government, and also Kurdish prisoners. The Special Rapporteur described by way of ‎example the following allegations: (a) On 10 July 1988, 10 persons accused of being ‎‎“counterrevolutionaries and Iraqi spies” were executed; (b) On 20 July 1988 about 20 ‎persons belonging to political opposition groups were executed in Evin Prison. The victims ‎included three members of the Tudeh Party and a member of the People’s Fedaiyan ‎Organization of Iran (majority); (e) Alleged collaborators with the members of the ‎People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMO1) were publicly executed in Kangavar, ‎Bakhtaran and Islamabad-e Gharb. According to the official account, 15 PMOI supporters ‎were executed on about 5 August 1988. They included seven persons executed on 1 ‎August 1988 in Bakhtaran and one person on 3 August 1988 in 11am; (d) On 28 July ‎‎1988, 200 prisoners said to be PMOI sympathizers, were executed in Evin Prison. In ‎Mashad, 50 other PMOI sympathizers were executed; (e) On 14, 15 and 16 August 1988, ‎‎860 corpses were transferred from Evin Prison to the Behecht Zabra cemetery; (f) It was ‎further alleged that on the night of 15/16 May 1988 a large number of Iraqi prisoners of ‎war were found killed, their feet bound with ropes, in the Mawat region in northern Iraq.‎

‎147. The Special Rapporteur requested information on the alleged occurrence of ‎summary or arbitrary executions and in particular the legal proceedings following which ‎the alleged executions might have been carried out.‎

‎148. At the time of preparation of the present report, no reply had been received from ‎the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.‎

UN-Economic and Social Council Res.
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