Execution of Children

8/2/2015 8:58:19 PM

Mass Executions-1

Mass Executions-1

(Doc. No. 128‎)

Letter to Khomeini, September 27, 1981 ‎

The situation in the Revolutionary Courts is such that honest and sincere elements within ‎these institutions are saying that the current situation in Evin Prison and many prisons in the ‎provinces is very appalling. ‎
These include arbitrary executions... even of girls as young as 13, simply because they ‎uttered some tough words, while they bore no arms and took part in no demonstration. ‎Pressuring (of prisoners) and practice of intolerable torture and corporal punishment are on the ‎rise. Prisons are so overcrowded that often five prisoners must stay in a solitary cell under ‎inhuman conditions. They are not even allowed to say their prayers...‎

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