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Systematic Use of Torture



(Doc. No. 142‎)

Letter to Khomeini, October 8, 1986‎

... Do you know that the crimes being committed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic in ‎the name of Islam were never committed under the Shah’s Evil regime? Do you know that a ‎large number of prisoners have been killed under torture by their interrogators?‎
Do you know that in Mashhad prison, some 25 girls had to have their ovaries or uterus ‎removed as a result of what had been done to them, and because there were no physicians ‎and medical care?‎
Do you know that in Sbiraz prison, a girl who was fasting in the month of Ramadan was ‎executed on petty charges immediately after breaking her fast?‎
Do you know that in some prisons of the Islamic Republic young girls are being raped by ‎force?‎
Do you know that interrogators foul mouth the girls and use disgusting words to insult ‎them while interrogating them?‎
Do you know that as a result of unruly torture, many prisoners have become deaf or ‎paralyzed or afflicted with chronic diseases and there is no one to listen to their complaints?‎
Do you know that in some prisons, prisoners have even been forbidden to perform their ‎Muslim rites?‎
Do you know that in some prisons prisoners are not allowed to see daylight, not for one or ‎two days, but for months?‎
Do you know that even once a prisoner is tried and given a sentence, he is beaten and ‎abused? No doubt Your Eminence would be told that these are lies and Montazeri is naive. ‎But let me also report to Your Eminence, if you permit me, what is happening outside prisons:‎
Do you know that people, while travelling in buses and taxis and waiting in queues for ‎chickens, eggs, vegetable oil and beef or waiting in queues at petrol stations, are openly ‎cursing the officials of the Islamic Republic, including,‎
I regret to say, yourself?‎
Do you know that the (Shiite) clergy are reviled by the people?‎
Do you know that even those who come to Friday prayers are mostly disenchanted and ‎curse the authorities?‎
Do you know that bribery is rampant everywhere in government offices, ministries, and ‎unfortunately in some prosecutors’ offices and courts?‎
Do you know that huge embezzlements of government funds are hushed up with some ‎bribes, a telephone call, or a recommendation, while petty thieves are prosecuted?‎
Do you know that there have been so many robberies and thefts and plundering by persons ‎in the uniforms of Revolutionary Guards and Komiteh that people feel no security for their ‎lives and properties?‎
Do you know that more than two million Iranians are living in exile and many women have ‎resorted to prostitution, discrediting Iran and Iranians in the eyes of foreigners?‎
Do you know that poverty and high costs of living are putting intolerable pressure on the ‎people?‎
While the average income and salaries are the same as before, prices have jumped ten to ‎twenty times higher. How can the poor live in such conditions?‎
Do you know that contrary to what we studied in Islamic jurisprudence, in the Islamic ‎Republic a Muslim’s right to life is not respected, nor is his property...‎
Do you know that most good judges have become disillusioned and have resigned, leaving ‎behind corrupt or weak individuals as judges?‎
Do you know that... everyday about a million Iranians go to doctors and pharmacies and ‎hospitals and clinics, but the vast majority of them return?‎
Unsatisfied and disenchanted? This is not because of the war, but because of ‎mismanagement and lack of planning...‎
Do you know that drug addiction is rampant in this country, and that executions, prisons, ‎island concentration camps, etc., are no longer effective?... In conclusion, I think that the ‎country is on a
Downward spiral and the majority of the people are disenchanted... For eight years, we ‎have been ruling the country through violence, numerous executions, and inappropriate ‎confiscation, and we have not got anywhere.‎


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