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Arbitrary Justice


Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran-2
Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran-2
Our judges were very inexperienced. To give you an example, they brought to me a case ‎where the judge had written this as his verdict: “In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the ‎Merciful, execution.” ‎
Execute who? For what reason? The judge had simply written one word without ‎mentioning his reasons, not even the convict’s name. Just the word “execution” and his ‎signature were there and you could arrest and execute anyone with a verdict like this! That ‎was our judiciary in those years: they arrested people with great speed and then there were ‎immediate calls for execution. ‎
Once I was in Najafabad and I was told about two persons who had been sentenced to ‎death. One was the thirteen-year-old daughter of Haj Taqi Rajai. I knew their family well; ‎they were pious and lived in Najafabad. The other was Mr. Lessen, who had been a good ‎friend of my son. They were said to have been influenced and recruited by the People’s ‎Mojahedin, and were sentenced to execution for this reason. ‎
I must point out here that one of the things that should have been done after the ‎revolution’s victory was to organize and guide these revolutionary forces.‎
The People’s Mojahedin identified and recruited them in an organized manner. People ‎looked on them favorably and young people were deluded by their slogans. People who were ‎being arrested and interrogated for belonging to the Mojahedin should have been treated in a ‎subtle and wise way and if they had been handled correctly, it would have been possible to ‎turn them away from the Mojahedin.‎
They told me that these two persons had been sentenced to death. I asked what they had ‎been charged with. They said the thirteen-year-old girl had been asked by the interrogator: ‎‎“Don’t you believe in the Imam if you are saying these things?” She said with youthful pride: ‎‎“No, I don’t.” ‎
I once told the Imam: “If someone says I like Massoud Rajavi more than the mullahs, and I ‎don’t like Mr. Khomeini, but I have nothing to do with politics and I am just minding my ‎own business, and if we know he is telling the truth, should we jail him?” The Imam replied: ‎‎“No, why should we?”‎
I never thought that these two persons would be executed any time soon, and said to ‎myself that‏ ‏I would follow up their cases later. But they came to me the next day and said: ‎‎“The two of them were executed last night!” ‎
I was utterly shocked. The same sort of things was going on everywhere else in the country ‎and I was by and large informed of them...‎


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