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Tortured Political Prisoners Become Insane


Torture and executions in Iran
Torture and executions in Iran

Ayatollah Seyyed Jaafar Karimi was among the persons assigned by the Imam to look into ‎prison conditions, as this issue was creating plenty of problems for us.‎
One day Karimi came to see me and said: “We went to visit Hessarak Prison (or Qezel ‎Hessar), near Mardabad. We saw a door that was covered with a black blanket and a rug. ‎Inside, it was so dark you could not tell the day from night. About ten prisoners were being ‎held in that room. We came across a girl, one of the prisoners, who was eating her own feces.‎
She had been so much tortured and harassed that she had become deranged. But they were ‎still keeping her in jail.”‎
‎[The girl was among a group of “200 to 300 girls who had been arrested essentially for ‎having read the Mojahedin's statements.”]‎



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